10 mistakes when writing a practical part of the thesis

Will the teacher ever take this malicious chapter? What more does he need? Where are the mistakes? What’s wrong?! Read our new article, collected of our service, and you will understand – what is wrong and what mistakes you made when writing a practical chapter of the thesis.

Mistake # 1. The discrepancy of the theory. The mistake is widespread and difficult to remove, as it is usually necessary to rewrite the entire practice, to reassemble information and perform calculations. Sometimes it is easier to rewrite the theory – if, of course, the topic of the work allows. If you are a philologist, then in the given example, you can leave practice by reworking the theoretical chapter. But it does not always happen.

Mistake # 2. Inconsistency with the introduction. Remember: the practical part is written not then that the reviewer spent a fascinating watch, studying your calculations of the typical trajectories of a sandwich fall. And then, to solve the problem posed in the introduction. For example – reducing unauthorized consumption of oil when sandwiches fall in public catering establishments.

Mistake # 3. Nonconformity with the conclusion. Success in writing a practical chapter in general is very strongly tied to a competent drawing of threads to other parts of the work. The practical chapter too often, unfortunately, is a spherical horse in a vacuum: a diploma somehow by itself, calculations and practical conclusions – by themselves. And the diploma work looks very stupid, in the conclusion of which it is cheerfully reported: the goal is achieved, the tasks are fulfilled, the hypothesis is proved!

Mistake # 4. Inaccuracies in the calculations. Twice two, five? Well done, go and count. It is more insulting if the error has crept into the beginning of calculations. However, we will be frank: many students produce them so that they “come together”. But it does not take place at all faculties.

Mistake # 5. Illiterate registration of calculations, tables, formulas. The main load for competent design – according to GOSTs – falls precisely on a practical chapter, as it abounds with tables and calculations with various graphic elements. And now everything seems to be correctly calculated – and the teacher returns the chapter for revision. And the terrible word “GOST” sounds. Sometimes – the phrase “Look in the manual.” Well, it’s relatively easy to deal with this problem, although it’s a bit of a chore. We recommend reading in advance on online service essay writer an article of how to make out tables according to GOST and how to draw out drawings.

Mistake # 6. Absence of analysis, generalization of practical materials, conclusions. Counted everything correctly, designed – flawlessly. And what? But nothing. The conclusions from this are zero. Well, go ahead, darling, reflect on the calculations done, compare-categorize, analyze and generally use the brain not only as a calculator. If you have calculated, for example, the cost of a two-week tour to Chukotka and to Antarctica – so at least compare that is cheaper.

Mistake # 7. Unreal data. Ohh, you are fired. Perhaps the teacher personally maintains contacts with the organization, where you had to collect material for a practical chapter. But in this organization you have never been seen. Perhaps you were sleeping on some little things: you borrowed data from a graduate from a dairy, changed it slightly, processed … Everything is plausible, except for a trifle: the dairy, an infection, was closed a year ago. Or maybe you are insolent in the land and your “data” turned out to be so graceless that you do not need to be Sherlock Holmes to determine the lag.

Student! Remember! Lying is believable! Otherwise, you are not only that you will receive a chapter for revision, so also you will provide yourself with increased attention of the scientific leader. And the next version of your calculations, the teacher will check under the magnifying glass.

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