9 mistakes when writing the introduction of the thesis

When a student brings a teacher the introduction of a diploma, pre-defense usually remains not so much time. But the supervisor sends for revision one, two, three … Many students believe that the introduction is the most difficult part in the structure of the thesis. And teachers shrug their shoulders puzzled: what’s so complicated about the requirements for the introduction? Why do these dunces do the same, the typical mistakes?

Mistake # 1. The structure of administration does not comply with the standard. Remember the main life when writing the introduction to the thesis: the introduction is written according to the template! You do not need to reinvent the wheel. Take the methodology of the department and the diploma of the predecessor (better than an excellent student). Focusing on the template, a sane introduction can even be written by a student.

Mistake # 2. The introduction is completely or partially written off from someone’s monograph. It is now difficult to find a student who would “borrow” the introduction from the found in the network of someone else’s diploma. The risk of burning is 100%. But here from monographs – stole. But in vain.

Well, which of these conclusions? If you really stolen introduction, then from the dissertation! Only take a dissertation in the paid thesis room, so that it was not exposed on the Internet.

Mistake # 3. One of the mandatory elements is forgotten: the hypothesis, the problem, the goal, the tasks, the object, the object … The mistake is not so terrible, because you simply enter the missing element into the introduction and calmly carry the scientific supervisor to the next test. The main thing is, do not write enthusiasm superfluously: not in all specialties, for example, you need to form a hypothesis, and on some object and object do not distinguish. Here we are proceeding to the next error

Mistake # 4. Ignored the methodological instructions of the department. Although the introduction is extremely stereotyped, there are “rattles” at different faculties and even departments. They concern individual elements in the structure of the introduction. Somewhere, a hypothesis is not needed, but a detailed analysis of sources and literature is needed. Somewhere, on the contrary, the works of the predecessors can be mentioned casually, but the hypothesis must necessarily be put forward. In many respects it depends on the type of research, the presence in it or the absence of a practical part. Therefore, do not pester, buy at the chair a manual with a local monastic charter. And teachers a penny, and you have fewer problems.

Mistake # 5. The relevance of the study is not grounded. This error is private, but frequent. That is, she, in general, is in mistake number 3, but is so popular that we decided to take it to a separate point. The problem is solved like this: take the submitted for revision introduction, sit down and start to reflect on the relevance of your diploma. If nothing comes into your head, ask for online service essay writer.

Mistake # 6. The goals and tasks are confused. Another particular claiming for the role of typicality. Well, do not see the students between them a difference! And to some extent this is understandable, because in everyday speech we often synonymize these concepts: the phrase “My goal is to quit smoking” and “The task before me is to quit smoking” is usually perceived as being the same in meaning (although this is not entirely true).


Mistake # 7. The object and the object are confused. Same. Students love them to be confused! Remember: an object is a general field of research, an object is that part of this field that you directly examine (elements, new properties, relations, object functions).

Mistake # 8. Insufficient in-depth analysis of sources and literature. At once we will tell: not on all specialties this analysis is required. But there, where it is required (for example, on the history) – hold on! Several pages, or even a dozen, will have to devote a thoughtful analysis of sources, books and articles on your topic. As practice shows, the introduction due to errors can be sent for revision five and ten times. In order not to suffer, order the introduction or the whole diploma from the student.

Mistake # 9. There is no connection with the main part. Hypothesis was put forward, the goal was determined, the tasks were set, and the soul went to heaven! He flies through pits and potholes, over hummocks and rifts. The tasks, the hypothesis, and even the subject of research have already been forgotten. We were going to write about goats, but we write about rams.