In whatever business school you go, from writing an essay you do not get away

Now in the West, an unprecedented flourishing is experienced by firms engaged in the professional writing of essays for those entering the business school for money. The reason for this is rather prosaic – current students at Harvard Business School and Stanford Business School quite often say that they spent three months writing an essay. And all because the essay is if not the most important, then at least one of the key points of entering a business school. On importance with him can only be compared with a personal interview. For a Russian person, this is not an easy task, since the standards for writing such written works in the West are completely different.

The essay is “writing on the topic given by the business school.” Accordingly, the main purpose of this text is to disclose the proposed topic by bringing different arguments (theses). They should be supported by evidence, illustrated by examples and generally looked weighty.

This text will judge you as a person – about how smart you are, how well educated you are, how well you know the language, and in general you approach the school. Topics are determined by what information each particular business school considers most important in terms of determining the “professional suitability” of a potential student. The options are different, but most often the topic is formulated simply: “Why did you decide to enter our business school?” (Read: “Why should we accept you?”). We will dwell on it in more detail.

The most important thing in writing an essay is correct positioning. Imagine that entering a business school you choose does not depend on your real achievements in the field of science and business. At least for a minute imagine that a representative of the selection committee, opening a folder with your documents, would find out only your essay there, and the decision on enrollment would depend on these several pages.

Presented? Then you understand that to write an essay should be approached as closely as possible and with a full sense of responsibility. Starting work on the essay, no matter how trivial it is to note, you should carefully read the task. One of the most common mistakes that many failed students make is the misinterpretation of the assigned task (question) or the lack of response to it and the departure from the given topic. A widely known example is the interpretation of one of the former themes of the Chicago School of Business essay. It was formulated as follows: Vacation of Your Lifetime. Obviously, with inattentive reading, this topic is often treated as a vacation for life, although in fact she asks to answer the question of the best (most memorable) leave in her entire life.

Before you start writing your creation, sit down and, after thinking hard, sketch a small plan. For this, it is not bad to have information about what the representatives of the admissions committee of a particular school want from you, what students they prefer to see within their walls. Think also about what details of your experience you should mention and what strengths of character to illuminate. You should pay special attention to what you can counter to your competitors. If the assignment of an essay requires you to describe your strengths, you do not need to write about your punctuality and diligence, since hardly anyone will write that he is lazy and always late. Instead of being another lucky financial analyst, it’s better to imagine yourself a financial analyst who in his spare time voluntarily works in a shelter for stray dogs. After all, one of the main tasks of a business school is to provide a student body diversity, that is, the diversity of students. Therefore, your experience of participating in a polar expedition or launching a new project will cause much greater interest than a description of the glorious successes in the field of consulting.

The content of the essay itself should have links in three areas: your work activity, especially the career, your personal qualities and the transfer of special programs and courses, to which you will make a special emphasis while studying at a business school. Do not neglect self-analysis. Usually the desired volume of the essay (in pages or number of words) is clearly stipulated in the information booklet. God forbid you go beyond this framework by more than 15-20%. Do not think that if you write more, it will be given to you for credit. The business school wants to make sure that you not only know how to formulate your thoughts in a harmonious way, but you also do it laconically. In this case, the volume of the essay can range from 100 (one of the essays in Harvard) to 2500 words – about 5-6 pages (Stanford and Wharton). Working on the essay, decide what exactly you want to say and how much space in your work you are going to give each position. Remember that the entry should never take up more space than the main part.

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